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Driving interoperability

Sharing data is the foundation of patient-centric interoperability at Cerner

We’re focused on supporting safe, connected and informed patient care. We believe that patient data should flow freely, and securely, between care providers across the health and care ecosystem. Interoperability is, and always has been, at the core of what we do, which is why we have driven the creation and uptake of industry standards.

Advancing interoperability in the UK

We are leading the healthcare industry forwards by promoting standards and guidance that support open and interoperable approaches. Cerner was one of the first signatories of techUK’s Health and Social Care Interoperability Charter, we co-founded the UK’s INTEROpen interoperability industry group while championing FHIR® in the UK, and we’ve been a long-time supporter of the Professional Records Standards Body, as well as its predecessor in the Royal College of Physicians.

Setting the standards worldwide

Cerner has been active in promoting interoperability worldwide. In 2013, we co-founded the CommonWell Health Alliance to engage the healthcare industry, and we were a founding organisation of the Argonaut Project, working with HL7 to establish the FHIR interoperability standards to speed up market adoption. We also helped lead the Direct Project in the US, which creates standards and documentation for exchanging secure messages.

Health Information Exchange

Our commitment to interoperability has been demonstrated over many years in the UK with the adoption of our Health Information Exchange (HIE), which enables our clients to securely view and exchange patient data, regardless of whether it’s in our EHR or not. Importantly for our clients, our HIE is embedded for clinicians’ use in their own EHR through a contextual link to several leading UK healthcare supplier solutions, including EMIS, TPP, INPS, RiO, and others, with additional suppliers and solutions being constantly added.


How does Cerner participate in UK health informatics standards?

Cerner plays an active role in the UK helping to establish, promote and adopt standards that improve the interoperability of solutions in the market. Examples of our support include:

We supported the original Clinical Records Standards work of the Royal College of Physicians and since this work has transitioned to the Professional Record Standard Body, Cerner has supported its industry group.

Cerner supports universities in the UK in health informatics. Our staff teach on health informatics MSc courses and at university events. Cerner has a formal partnership with UCL, where we fund a PhD student, as well as providing internships and sponsoring an MSc dissertation prize in UCL’s Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education (CHIME).

Cerner has an elected member on the techUK trade body, where we have championed standards for interoperability and for data access. Cerner was one of the first signatories of techUK’s Health and Social Care Interoperability Charter.

Building on being a founding partner for Project Argonaut in HL7 for FHIR® standards, Cerner has championed these standards in the UK and we co-founded the UK’s INTEROpen interoperability industry group.

Here are some of the key roles that our people undertake in the UK health system in order to progress health informatics standards:

  • an elected member on the techUK Health and Social Care Council
  • a member of the industry group of the Professional Records Standards Body
  • an independent member of the National Information Board
  • two recent past chairs for health at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
  • a member of the INTEROpen interoperability industry group
  • an industry member of the Clinical Leadership Network of Chief Clinical Information Officers (CCIOs)
  • a visiting professor of health informatics at UCL.

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