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Enterprise data warehouses

Centralise your data and analytic tools. Speak with one of our experts to help you get started.

The challenge: juggling enterprise data warehouses

Enterprise data warehouses (EDW) are core to any organisation’s data and analytics strategy. They act as a tool to create customised dashboards and reports to compare performance and identify trends and outliers. However, many healthcare organisations have found themselves juggling multiple EDWs to keep up with analytic needs – an EDW for clinical data, one for cost accounting, and so forth.

Analysts are being asked to be experts not just on data and analytics, but also database administration. The lack of integration can result in tedious manual steps and complex data transfer methods to combine data.

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The solution: centralising data and analytic tools

Our enterprise data warehouse, HealtheEDWSM, can help you unleash the power of your data by connecting your various health and care data sources, so your analytics team can do what they do best – analyse data. This business intelligence software can help you remove the grunt work of merging your data sources by aggregating and standardising data to an industry standard ontology, and process it all the way through to our EDW. This means a single report can be run that simultaneously pulls from eight or nine different data sources without manual intervention.

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For organisations that desire additional data control and flexibility, we offer expanded capabilities with HealtheEDW Advanced. Powered by the Snowflake data cloud, it enables you to connect to reporting and data visualisation tools beyond Tableau and SAP BusinessObjects, such as Qlick, Informatics, Python, Jupyter, and more.

Through HealtheEDW Advanced connections, you can expand the use of your licensed analytic tools, explore data science opportunities, and benefit from additional database administration functionality. 

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We don’t just stop at technology. To help jumpstart your analytic strategies, we go beyond technology by offering Cerner Analytic Services. We can support you for the first six months or the longer term by providing the people talent to:


Write reports


Build datasets


Set up security

The Oracle Cerner difference

While healthcare is complex, your data doesn’t have to be. At Oracle Cerner, we know healthcare data. We’ve spent decades creating clinical and financial workflows. Together, we can help deliver on the promise of data by converting it into a strategic asset that can impact clinical and business mindset and behaviour. Whether your goal is cost containment, reducing risk, decreasing bias, or managing performance, healthcare insights and data storytelling will be essential to drive your decision-making.

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Learn how enterprise data warehouse, HealtheEDWSM, can help you unleash the power of your data by connecting your EHRs, payer sources and more, so your analytics team can do what they do best – analyze data
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