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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

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Challenge: Accessible and timely data sharing

  • Shared care records are becoming much more commonplace because of the NHSX Information Governance Framework for Integrated Health and Care1 and the PRSB Core Information Standard.2
  • As the breadth of available data increases, so does the usefulness of HIE. Therefore, expectations have also changed – citizens and care professionals want health and care information to be available when it’s needed.
 1 Information Governance Framework: Shared Care Records

2 Professional Record Standards Body Core information standard v2.0

Solution: Oracle Cerner HIE
  • Oracle Cerner provides the speed and reliability necessary for consistently high uptake of HIE
  • We promote wide industry support for national and international standards, and best practices for data exchange
  • We advocate for equity among access, for example to improve inclusivity of care settings not typically prioritised when it comes to resourcing

Health Information Exchange

Enabling care professionals to view shared records and make more informed decisions for citizens. HIE is representative of social care, mental health, community, ambulance, community pharmacy, primary care and acute hospital.



Secure information sharing

Our HIE solution enables the amalgamation of and access to shared data, no matter what system it resides in. When the care professional needs it, HIE brings together a person’s data from across the health and social care ecosystem in a secure manner, embedding an aggregated and longitudinal view of their record natively in each digital system. HIE supports joined-up, safe and effective care provision, overcoming organisational and system boundaries.

The Oracle Cerner difference

Save time, save lives

When time is of the essence, every moment you wait for a patient’s information could have life-altering repercussions for the individual and their family. The ability to cut out this waiting time won’t just help you respond to the needs of a single patient quicker, you’ll notice a systemwide impact on the ability to influence flow through your organisation.


Get the full picture

By supporting the provision of data across organisational, geographical and technological boundaries, care providers can access clinical and other information from any venue of care. This means that pre-existing conditions, investigation results, medications, allergies, clinical correspondence and more can easily be considered when clinicians are making interventions for patients, with safer and more timely decisions reached at the point of care.


Transfer data securely

Misappropriation of personal data is a key issue for many and our HIE has been designed with this concern in mind. It’s built on a secure, standards-based infrastructure, so that individuals’ data is stored, viewed and managed in an appropriate way, meaning that people only experience the benefits of information sharing. The Oracle Cerner engineering, consulting and clinical teams understand users’ needs and the broader shared care records movement, inclusive of national guidance such as the PRSB Core Information Standard.

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