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Infection control

Oversee, assess and manage infections

In the year to November 2016, 8,839 people acquired infections in acute settings in the UK,1 complicating their recovery process and increasing their length of stay. With microorganisms developing antimicrobial resistance, infection prevention activities need to be brought to the next level, which is where Cerner comes in. Our solutions provide the analytical information you require to tackle healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).

Aiding surveillance

Our infection control solutions include near real-time surveillance capabilities, featuring an interactive worklist for patients who are at risk of infection and clinical summaries of patient-specific data. This includes a module that informs you what lines, tubes and drains a patient has had and can alert you when it’s time to change or remove them. Your worklist streamlines the observation process with patient risk-stratification based on historical and current data to help you focus your resources in the most effective way.

Offering a single interface

Detailed clinical patient summaries are tailored to allow you to quickly drill down to essential facts, such as a patient’s identity. Cerner’s infection control solutions directly access the unified Cerner Millennium® architecture to extract data from the EHR as a by-product of the care delivery process eliminating the need for separate interfaces.

Analysing and reporting

Our solutions offer flexible, easy-to-use reporting capabilities with helpful standard reports and the ability to create customised reports to match your particular needs. In addition, the system can automatically identify outbreaks of specific microorganisms and unusual patterns of infection, and send the reports directly to local government to help minimise any possible spread of HCAIs.

1: MRSA Action, November 2016

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