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Integrated Care Systems


Integrated Care Systems

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The challenge of promoting connected health and care across organisations

Making the shift from acute to an integrated care system (ICS) model would be a challenge by itself, but when paired with the elective recovery backlog and addressing health inequalities, the task is all the more significant. 

In 2022, the Health and Social Care Act passed into law, codifying elements of the NHS Long Term Plan that will connect Trusts across England.1 This convergence will focus on population health, boost out-of-hospital care, reduce pressure on emergency departments, personalised care, and fully digitise primary and outpatient care. 

ICSs play a key role in this digital transformation, linking all interested parties from councils to health and care providers. Cerner will continue to work alongside ICSs to ensure that each community they work with can benefit from the latest innovation to achieve improved outcomes.

1 Health and Care Act 2022

The Cerner difference: Enabling operational, analytical, clinical and transformational support



The digital transformation of care pathways revolutionises models of care and the outcomes achieved. Cerner helps ICSs to streamline pathways, so the right health and care providers are giving optimal support to their patients and the wider community.

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HealtheIntent, our industry-leading population health platform, supports providers across the care continuum to capture and cleanse health data so it can be transformed into usable insights. This connected care approach helps communities live healthier lives and provides real value for organisations by removing unnecessary variations in care.




Consumer-facing technologies is enabling people faster, with more personalised access to more appropriate and targeted care within the local community and at home without necessarily having to attend emergency care or arrange GP appointments. Virtual wards, remote monitoring technologies and portals are connecting care and empowering people and professionals without the need to travel for face-to-face care and keeping people in homes reducing their risk of infection and falls.

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