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Model experience

An affordable world-class EHR

Model experience is our recommended approach to help you transform the way you deliver care, while ensuring maximum benefits for your patients and organisation. The pre-built, clinically rich EHR has our industry-leading Millennium® platform as its base, and condenses the knowledge, intelligence and clinical expertise Cerner has gathered working with over 20 NHS Trusts – including seven Global Digital Exemplars – and more than 27,000 facilities worldwide to give you the best possible EHR experience.

World-class EHR as standard

Following the Model experience recommendations will enable you to swiftly and efficiently deliver a powerful, fully integrated EHR across your Trust or hospital. The Model EHR is a comprehensive pre-built version of Millennium which includes extensive, out-of-the-box content sourced from our clinical experts and healthcare organisations using Cerner solutions both within the NHS and globally. It is enhanced with the latest capabilities from clients, industry, regulatory and technology experts, data analysis, and innovation. We encourage you to start with ‘Foundation’ – a organisation-wide set of solutions, you can add additional pre-built content to the scope of your project.

Proven deployment methodology

To boost your go-live experience and keep costs down, we deliver an accelerated deployment methodology to implement your EHR with maximum engagement and adoption. With Foundation, we will work with you to implement your Model EHR in just 12 months. Once live, we’ll work with you to drive continuous improvements through data-driven, ongoing and iterative adoption of recommendations that contribute to your strategic goals. Your EHR comes complete with a full set of test scripts and training materials to allow your implementation efforts to be focused on configuring local information and historical data, reducing demand on resources and accelerating the benefits.

Continuous advancement

Your Model EHR already contains thousands of recommendations that cover all areas of the acute hospital and we provide updates several times a year – thereby leading to incremental improvements and ensuring engagement and adoption remain high. To help deliver most value from your EHR, we include a range of Foundation services – including optimisation, management services, learning and adoption, and clinical transformation. Also, because Millennium is built to be interoperable and support open standards like SMART® on FHIR®, it connects to existing systems to support innovation, collaboration and patient safety.


How can my organisation get started with Model experience?

Firstly, we’ll work with you to determine your scope, aligned to your priorities, and together identify a package to suit you. Achievable deliverables at every stage of your journey will help you drive continuous benefits to your patients and users. As a starting point, we encourage you to take Model Foundation - an integrated EHR that spans the patient journey through your care. Implementation and adoption of the recommended clinical workflows included in Foundation will ensure that you start to see clinical and patient safety benefits across the organisations as early as possible. Clinical decision support, as well as clear and concise documentation helps to further drive clinician adoption.

Foundation is a recommended starting point, containing all you need to digitise your hospital/s and quickly deliver a proven EHR. While less customisation is required with Foundation, we can work with you, your clinicians and care team members to define the appropriate scope for your project.

The image below encompasses Foundation, along with the tried and tested solutions that are included.

Model Experience

We’ll work with you to identify the next steps of your digital journey, and build on Foundation with additional content and functionality that suits your organisation’s needs and timeline. You can select the right additional solutions and content to suit your roadmap and vision – your options are listed in the top section of the diagram above. These are all integrated into Millennium to provide seamless transfer of information and further connecting care.

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