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Patient Administration System

Managing your administrative targets

Clinical care quality is certainly of paramount importance to any healthcare organisation, and it all starts with the Patient Administration System (PAS). It’s the beginning and end of the patient journey and allows you to ensure they are in the right place at the right time, with the right clinician in the right venue of care. Our PAS ensures continuity between clinical and administrative workflows, allowing for management of referrals, booking of patient appointments at the appropriate time, correct coding and reporting, and efficient management of the patient journey in your organisation.

Know who your patients are

The Cerner Millennium® PAS provides a truly integrated approach to hospital administrative activities, utilising a unified Master Patient Index (MPI). This can be shared across the Trust and linked organisations, as well as with external systems via interfaces. This way, NHS numbers and separate departmental numbers can be unified to create a single person record.

Tracking the patient journey

Ensure you know where your patients are for their wellbeing and your scheduling. Knowing where they’ve been supports a positive patient experience, while knowing where they’re going means that you can arrange for their bed to be cleaned, let other wards or facilities know that you have capacity to take patients, or ensure they get to their next hospital appointment so that time is not wasted.

Manage waiting lists effectively

Our PAS solution lets you create flexible lists for clinicians or treatment functions. Appropriate correspondence is automatically generated for both full and partial bookings, and the real-time calculation of target dates allows you to effectively manage scheduling and help get the right patients get to the right appointments.


What is RPAS?

RPAS – or RevenueCycle PAS – is the new Patient Administration System that is being developed in the UK for our UK clients. The current functionality of RPAS includes referral management, outpatient appointment management, and My Workflow, which provides an intuitive to-do list for users to keep them on top of their referrals and appointments.

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