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Performance improvement

Unlocking the potential for your organisation

Our performance improvement consultants have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your clinical and operational goals. The team are trained in Lean and to Six Sigma Black Belt level, and will use data, workflow observations and carefully planned measurements to find a baseline upon which we can demonstrate your opportunities for improvement. Working with you to put these into practice, we focus on the four key enablers: people, process, technology and environment to deliver results.

Optimising your workflows

When procedures, staffing levels or departments change, it offers a great opportunity to revisit your processes and ensure that the way you work is optimised to support the care you deliver. Our consulting services can help you to optimise workflows against best practice, as well as providing benchmarking and access to exemplar sites, enabling you to maximise your potential.

Team effort

Cerner will work in partnership with you to ensure that benefits are effectively managed throughout the project. Our team has years of experience in delivering clinical and operational performance improvements, helping you to ensure the realisation of quality improvements and efficiency savings through workflow automation, optimising existing processes and the use of data to drive process and performance improvements.

Value creation partnership

We’re committed to delivering value for you and will join with you to form a dedicated team that’s focused on value creation. This collaboration focuses on optimising and improving processes to deliver measured and sustained value through a series of concurrent transformation projects at scale. Resources to manage and deliver projects are provided at-risk and this resourcing investment will be funded upon successful achievement of pre-agreed project success milestones.

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