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“Time is a crucial resource for doctors. Spending time digging out the right records for a patient, wishing you had extra time to offer treatment and wishing that a serious condition had been spotted at an earlier time to give patients the best chance of recovery, or not even falling ill at all.” – Andrea Dantas, doctor and healthcare executive at Cerner.

Andrea trained as a general surgeon in Brazil and practiced at Santa Casa Hospital in Sao Paulo before moving to the UK. She joined Cerner in 2006 as a healthcare executive after completing her master’s degree in Healthcare Management at Imperial College in London.

With Cerner’s electronic health record (EHR) as a single source of truth for all patient information, you can quickly identify what previous treatments a person has had without sifting through reams of paper, meaning you can offer the best and most appropriate care. Your own clinical experience can be leveraged by built-in decision support, allowing you to identify patient deterioration earlier and propose lifestyle changes that can focus on proactive health management.

At Cerner, we understand the importance of powerful, accurate and integrated solutions that work in real time. We understand how they help you to do your job even better and we understand how they can reassure patients and help them feel like participants in their own care.

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