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Matthew Pickett

Matthew Picket

As the senior director and general manager of Cerner Ireland, Matthew Pickett focuses on the growth and operational management of Cerner’s presence in both Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

He makes an impact on Cerner and Cerner’s clients by promoting the vision of Cerner within Ireland and the goals of Ireland’s health care leadership back within Cerner. He is a point of escalation for the delivery of national and local programmes in Ireland, and forms relationships with other suppliers to the Irish health ecosystem.

Matthew is responsible for the wellbeing of a growing team of 60 associates in the Dublin office who provide technical and translation support to Cerner clients worldwide, as well as local delivery expertise.

Matthew joined Cerner in 2003 as a recruiter. He has held roles with the company such as HR partner, commercial change manager, client executive, commercial lead, and commercial director for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

During his time at Cerner, Matthew’s major projects have included the agreement of terms with BT for CCN4, the contract to deliver services to London and Southern NHS Trusts, a negotiation of 15 months’ duration with a value of $220 million. In addition, he led the 12-month negotiation of terms with the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland for the provision of a nationwide maternity electronic health record (EHR) that recently went live at its first site in Cork University Maternity Hospital.

He also led the 18-month negotiation with the HSE for the nationwide MedLIS laboratory and order communications programme. By working closely with stakeholders at Cerner and the client organisations, Matthew was instrumental in sealing contracts that have dramatically increased Cerner’s presence and future growth in the UK and Ireland.

Matthew is a graduate of Manchester University and has a Bachelor of Science in geography.

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