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healthcare system

Health and care system

Transforming the wellness of a population is possible when you have the right tools at your disposal. Vital insight can be lost in siloed data storage, so you need a system that can aggregate information into a single source of truth for sharing across the health economy. This can help you to make the move from reactive care to proactive health and – along with your patients – begin to reap the rewards.

Capturing data that spans the care continuum is challenging – something that the eHealth Ireland strategy is striving to overcome. There’s a variety of file formats, proprietary barriers, and data to process and host securely. To overcome these challenges and integrate your health system with the applications you need, we created HealtheIntent®, our industry-leading population health platform.

Aggregating data is a great start, but it’s not enough. HealtheIntent cleanses raw data to identify discrepancies, normalises similar data into pure health and care concepts, and standardises the data to match industry terminology. It does this in near real-time to ensure care professionals have the up to date insights needed for them to take action.

This rationalisation helps you transform data into insights that can be used in the provision of more effective care, helping people live healthier lives and building real value in your organisation, by removing unnecessary variation in care, supporting new care models and reducing unnecessary utilisation of costly care provision.


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Aggregate and normalise data across the health and care economy to improve performance and outcomes.

Population health management

See how we are helping organisations and individuals move from reactive care to proactive health.