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Medication management

Optimising medication for clinicians and patients

Our approach to medication management is focused on improving patients’ safety, while also saving time for clinicians and pharmacists. By removing repetitive tasks and the potential for error, fewer patients will experience adverse drug events, potentially saving lives and cutting the time they need to spend in an acute facility. Outpatients too can be confident that their prescriptions are being managed effectively.

Prescribe safely from anywhere

Prescriptions can be administered within any appropriate environment, while providing several decision support options. Through utilisation of documented patient parameters, decision support aids the prescriber in safe and clinically appropriate prescribing practice. The care provider is then able to document a variety of information including medication details, adherence details, last dose date/time, and more.

Barcode identification

Scanning a barcoded wristband ensures the right patient gets the right medication at the right time. The decision support available within the administration workflow helps provide safe and effective medications administration. These include early or late administration warning, dose too close warning, charting values or viewing result trends at the point of administration.

Outside the acute setting

Whether a person is being discharged from hospital or they’re an outpatient, our solutions allow them easy access to the medication required. These workflows allow the nursing team to contact the pharmacists with the relevant prescription, as well as creating documentation for the patient so they can have a printed record for their own understanding and engagement that can be presented when required.


How do Cerner’s medication management solutions help clinicians manage medication therapy decisions?

Cerner’s pharmacy solutions are designed to provide a unified, seamlessly integrated medication process. The solutions assist with extensive clinical checks, ensure integrated data flow across processes and support care providers with patient follow-up and therapy monitoring after discharge.

Cerner’s pharmacy solutions share the same electronic health record and database, meaning you have a real-time view of important clinical data, such as unverified orders, allergy updates and patient contextual alerts, in one place at most stages of the medication process. These safety features can help prevent medication errors before care providers reach the patient’s bedside.


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