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Network security

Reliable, responsive, secure

At Cerner, we recognise that security is about trust, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Cerner’s success is in the construction of our proactive security approach, our adoption of industry leading best practices and the structure of our high quality teams. Having easy access to information makes life easier for clinicians, although patients may be wary about who can see their data. By working with Cerner, you can meet the expectations of both parties today and tomorrow, by creating a more efficient, more effective and – crucially – safer environment for information in a robust and strong network.

Building safety into your network

Your organisation’s network relies on a multitude of components to deliver a great experience for your clinicians and the patients they’re treating. Cerner works with you to deliver proven architectures and validated network components, including switches, routers, wireless, cabling, NAC, DDI and stream analytics. This way, you’ll have a robust network now and into the future.

Enhanced security

Security must begin by covering the basics and address the areas that are at most risk. Our experts will provide information on policies, procedures, risk assessment and training, all while helping you remain technologically current. Advanced malware protection is included, along with countermeasures for potential attack channels like email and web filtering gateways.

Protection deep within the cloud

With virtual desktops and cloud solutions must come innovative platforms and designs to protect against data misappropriation. To ensure that your operations stay online and your information stays safe, Cerner offers robust and integrated data protection solutions. Hyper-converged architectures utilising all-flash storage provides lightning fast performance where it’s needed the most.


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