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“It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Having to write down the same patient information time and again onto scraps of paper, gloves or scrubs before transferring them to separate paper records. All that time spent writing when you want to be caring. With an electronic health record (EHR), information gathering is streamlined by only inputting it once, and is immediately available whether you’re in the community or a clinical environment.” – Tim James, paediatric nurse and principal clinical lead for Model Experience at Cerner UK.

Tim has been a paediatric nurse for 17 years and still practices in the NHS. He has worked in paediatric A&E, PICU, surgical pre-assessment, bed management and as a clinical informatics lead for an NHS Trust in the UK. He joined Cerner in March 2015 as a clinical consultant in the transformation team.

Having all the accurate information in a connected system allows the EHR to consider individual scores within a wider context and trigger automatic alerts to an outreach team if something doesn’t add up. The Cerner EHR helps make soft information easier to find too – the personal things like understanding communication patterns that are the hallmark of the caring profession.

Healthcare IT from Cerner can truly make the difference to your role as a nurse – it can reduce repetition, cut opportunities for human error, offer more time at the bedside and provide a better experience for you and your patients.

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