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Unifying complex cancer care

Cerner puts the patient at the centre of the cancer care process. That’s why we’ve created solutions that mean they don’t have to be responsible for sharing information about their own treatment. You will be able to access a single, consolidated health record to allow you and other caregivers – no matter the clinical setting – to make timely decisions, and be part of a process that’s safer, clearer and more efficient.

Multiple phases of treatment

Our solutions let you select a treatment regime for a patient that shows the entire protocol including expected plans, cycles, dates of treatment and the status of each treatment cycle across time. You can view this to determine where a patient is in their treatment plan, with options for past, present and future cycles of treatment.

Manage complex medications

The ordering page gives you the ability to plan an entire cycle of chemotherapy with treatment, across multiple encounters and facilities. Chemotherapy ordering is built on evidence-based treatment plans with dose calculations, drug interactions, recommended therapy plans and electronic verification, making the process easier for you and safer for the patient.

Cancer staging assistant

The cancer staging process is streamlined with an interactive tool that automatically calculates the stage. The ability to have pathology and radiology reports available while staging reduces delays and errors during the staging process. The clinical and pathological staging classifications are readily viewable through PowerChart Oncology®, as well as signature status.


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Cerner provides the specialist tools that help you to save lives.