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Open platforms

Coming together to support changing care models

Our open platforms enable organisations to share information and simply integrate apps that enhance workflows and fill niche business needs. Cerner’s open platforms, open technology and culture of openness is driving collaborative efforts focused on advancing healthcare.

Our open platforms

Cerner’s unified health network architecture is designed to connect clinical and operational data across the healthcare IT ecosystem. All our platforms are designed to expose standard APIs that allow platform connectivity to enable app integration or access to population health data.

Innovate and collaborate

Our open APIs mean you have access to pre-built apps, or you can integrate your own. The option to create apps that meet your specific needs is available to you, either in-house at your organisation or by a third-party app company that’s part of the Cerner Open Developer Experience (code_) programme.


The apps developed as part of the code_ programme are based on SMART on FHIR standards, giving them complete interoperability with disparate systems. The ability to run these apps on top of any EHR will give healthcare professionals access within the workflow, and more easily visualise, interact with and transmit data.


What platforms do Cerner offer with open standards?

  • Cerner Millennium is our comprehensive electronic health record that seamlessly and securely connects every aspect of care to the patient. In the UK, we have integrated Cerner Millennium with many third-party systems and health information exchanges, and provide data extraction and open API services including SMART on FHIR for app integration.
  • Cerner Health Information Exchange (HIE) is our point of care solution for sharing data across a health and care economy. Our HIE is Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)-compliant, and capable of running HL7 FHIR profiles.
  • HealtheIntent® is our population health management platform that has the unique capability to aggregate and normalise massive amounts of data across vendors and platforms, including from citizen sources. HealtheIntent has a FHIR-aligned information model and provides data syndication services to authorised third parties.
  • CareAware® is our device connectivity platform that enables seamless interoperability between medical devices, healthcare applications and EHR systems, including our own Millennium and HealtheIntent platforms. Having for many years connected thousands of medical devices, we have extended to connect personal monitoring devices from citizens.

If your organisation is interested in building apps to meet niche workflow needs, we can help get your developers and IT team up to speed on building with Cerner Ignite APIs for Millennium. Cerner offers a three-day introductory training programme that will help your team learn skills to build on the Millennium platform.

Training offers education and hands-on exercises to help your team learn how to retrieve data with FHIR APIs, build a SMART app and secure the app. By the time they have completed training, your developers will be able to build a simple app and test it in the sandbox.

We can bring the training to your facility. Ideal class sizes will be five people or fewer. To learn more about Cerner Ignite APIs for Millennium Training, please contact us at:


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