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“There’s nothing more important to a pharmacist than ensuring your patients are getting the most from their medicines. Optimised medicines use is a crucial step towards improving the quality of patient care and balancing the costs of healthcare. Making sure that the right patient gets the right choice of medicine at the right time is a vital process that benefits everyone involved in the care of a patient, including – most importantly – the patient themselves.” – Gangotri Darji, pharmacist and solution consultant at Cerner

Gangotri studied Pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy, University of London (now UCL). After practicing as a clinical pharmacist at different Trusts over four years, she joined Cerner in 2014 as a solution consultant and is now working with clients across UK and Europe, exemplifying best practice workflows and advising hospitals on advancing their digital maturity.

These days, in a society where more people are living with multiple long-term conditions that are being managed in different care venues by many different clinicians with a multitude medicines, it can be tricky to keep track of who is taking what, when and why. The challenge of medicine optimisation is greater than it’s ever been. That’s where an electronic health record (EHR) comes in – creating a single location for the pertinent information needed for you to do your job effectively.

At Cerner, we understand the importance of giving you the tools you require to make the most of your skills. User friendly, real-time dashboards aim to maintain the highest levels of patient safety and provide the insights you need to prioritise and plan your duties before you’ve even set foot on the ward, so that you can offer a better, safer patient experience.

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