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Physician documentation

Connecting the doctor to the workflow

Cerner’s physician solutions include more than 40 specialties – created by doctors for doctors – to improve the patient experience, allowing you to make the best clinical decisions at the right time. We know that not every doctor works the same way, which is why Cerner solutions let you customise screen layouts, patient lists, favourites and much more, allowing you to provide the best care with the fewest distractions.

A user-friendly experience

The pivotal component of the user interface is PowerChart Touch®. This mobility platform enables you to securely document patient care on a tablet or smartphone, meaning you can keep a patient’s EHR up to date at the touch of a screen. Even when your hands are full, PowerChart Touch’s embedded speech recognition tool offers a robust medical language model and end-to-end security of medical dictations.

Care venue specific

The award-winning PowerChart Touch is designed for specific venues of care and developed with care provider workflows in mind. In collaboration with Cerner’s current clients, PowerChart Touch apps are tailored to various specialities, including surgery, orthopaedics, neurology and more. The speech tool is also configured with domain-specific vocabularies, so it will understand what you have to say.

Improved efficiency

Make multiple time savings by having your workflows all within a single solution. You’ll be able to check patients’ EHRs, retrieve results and write orders all from your tablet, while you’ll also know exactly where your patients are at any given moment, saving you time trawling around the hospital campus trying to locate them.


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