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Bringing reports up to date

Our reporting solutions will help you make your workflows more efficient, leaving you with more time to care for patients. Up-to-date information from the EHR can be teamed with simple prompts to allow for swift and accurate ordering and documentation, taking away the hassle and adding greater accuracy to your reporting.

Let insight drive you

Cerner Millennium® easily allows you to run reports and queries using PowerInsight Explorer®. They can be generated on an ad hoc basis or can be scheduled to run automatically during off hours or at set intervals. They can be presented in a range of formats and you can utilise email alerts for when reports are available to view.

Front end reporting

An array of front end reports can be run in real-time to provide high level dashboard reports for specific solutions. The beauty of this form of reporting is that it’s possible to conduct it directly from Millennium, using our reporting portal, so everything is at your fingertips on an interface that you’re already familiar with.

Making reports Trust-specific

We’re able to create reports that are specific to your Trust, or help you develop them yourself. Each potential report will be reviewed and assessed to determine a timeline for creation. Additionally, Trust users will also be able to leverage your existing Millennium knowledge to generate your own reports using the SAP Business Objects interface.


What does PowerInsight Explorer do?

PowerInsight Explorer is a real-time reporting tool that helps you to deliver predefined operational and performance reports, clinical reporting and ad hoc reporting capability from Cerner Millennium using business intelligence tools.


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