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Theatres and anaesthesia

Optimising your workflow throughout surgery

Successfully running the operating theatre is no easy task. From care quality and patient safety, to scheduling and effective resource utilisation, it’s a multi-faceted challenge. That’s why Cerner has developed real-time perioperative solutions to significantly reduce risk and inefficiencies to optimise both clinical and operational success.

Preoperative assistance

Our SurgiNet® solution allows you to know your patient before the operation. This includes letting you view their past medical history and see what medications they are on so you can plan their anaesthesia accordingly. You’ll also be able to use them to carry out pre-op checks to ensure they’re healthy enough for the procedure, while dynamic tracking lists help with patient flow.

Intraoperative care

During surgery, the perioperative record is completed electronically, capturing in real time data points like the case times, the personnel present and any changes between the scheduled and completed procedure. Details such as the WHO Safety Checklist compliance are also completed.

Postoperative recovery

After surgery, the post-op procedure note is completed by the surgeon within the EHR, and once a patient reaches the recovery unit, the nursing team can continue patient care with documentation of observations and assessments in a shared data matrix. The patient’s health status can be reviewed and assessed based on their entire journey, rather than just reviewing a singular moment.


Why Cerner’s theatre and anaesthesia solutions?

Delivering perioperative care involves the coordination of complex processes, involving the entire care team. It’s complicated, it’s very demanding and it’s a high-risk environment. In addition, it is stressful for the patient and their family.

When you go into surgery, there is always the possibility of an unknown element (e.g. pathology report, complication, co-morbidities). We help to minimise the unpredictability by giving you access to critical clinical information at your fingertips. We provide a fully integrated perioperative solution that creates a perioperative safety zone that facilitates informed decision making by clinicians.

Cerner’s anaesthesia and surgical management tools are designed to provide access to patient information, allowing you to manage allergies, checklists, medication processes, procedures and combine smart device connectivity. Streamlining the complexity in this way helps improve safety and allows you to provide the patient’s families with the most up to date information about their loved ones.


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