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Your information security

Data protected

Our personal health record is one of the most valuable pieces of information we have – and Cerner is absolutely committed to ensuring it stays safe. While we believe in a world of interoperability, where clinicians have quick and intuitive access to this data when necessary, our first priority remains keeping it safe from everybody else.

Data protection

We have developed a comprehensive information security program, which follows international and national data protection conventions. Amongst others, this involves being registered with the Data Protection Commissioner, as well as holding the international standard for information security (ISO 27001:2013), to ensure that personal health information and other sensitive data is suitably protected.

Physical data security

In cases where your information is stored by Cerner, it is stored behind robust firewalls in data centres that employ the highest levels of security. This means 24/7/365 guards and coordination with local police, with biometric information required to gain access to the buildings. This is on top of the crash-proof barriers, on-site power supply and multiple built-in redundancies to ensure that your data is safe and available as long as we hold it.

Data handler training

All Cerner associates undergo pre-employment background checks, with obligatory data protection training once they start work. Anyone needing to work within restricted areas receives additional checks and training. Client-side, clinicians are aware of the responsibility they have regarding your data and HSE devices can only be accessed by known individuals with robust login credentials.


Where is data held?

Personal health and care information is securely held in HSE data centres, or at hospital sites on their servers where patients receive care. Cerner has a number of award-winning data centres as well as leading experts around the world to ensure that your information is kept safe, yet available when required.


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