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The clinical world of Cerner in SAP.

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Smarter care. Better outcomes. Healthier you.

At Cerner, we’re continuously building on our foundation of intelligent solutions for the health care industry. Our technologies connect people and systems at more than 27,000 provider facilities worldwide, and our wide range of services support the clinical, financial and operational needs of organizations of every size.

Health and care connected

We are offering a wide range of leading solutions around our platforms, with EHR solutions like®, our device integration solutions and our population health platform. Our programmable, comprehensive suite of solutions and services leverages our strategy that is designed to enable organizations to: know and predict what will happen within a population; engage the person, their family and their care team to take action; and manage outcomes to improve health and care.

The clinical world of Cerner in SAP is the only hospital information system that is fully integrated with SAP for Healthcare. It is a solution you can rely on, one that supports your clinical strategy. not only maps the patient's complete clinical experience, it also seamlessly takes you further in your administrative and business transactions – securely, directly, and efficiently. It is an internationally successful product that is locally tailored. offers a broad spectrum of benefits.

The continuum of care for patients

There is not only one challenge caused by digitalization in health care, there are waves of challenges. Often there is a lack of interoperability, more and more processes need to be digitalized and, of course, the data entered needs to be utilized in real-time analytics and prediction.

On the horizon, there are more challenges when you broaden the view from the single patient in the hospital to a platform that takes good care of whole populations. But with, you will have a strong companion to not only overcome obstacles, but also a highly innovative tool to support your digital strategy, now and in the future. Digital Journey

Developing is the EHR you can rely on, because it’s proven to support health and care processes in more than 600 hospitals around the globe. It is the solid foundation for your clinical transformation, and futureproofed by combining Cerner’s deep health care expertise with the leading technology stack from SAP. With this ideal combination you will always have a strong EHR which is both cutting edge, as well as safe and sound.

Cerner Member Program

Our goal is to provide premium services and solutions for clients to advance their care delivery and continuously grow our joint footprint within the health care industry. The Cerner Member Program enables a much closer collaboration with Cerner by connecting to you to our experts and promoting you as one of our marketplace partners – this gives you greater opportunity to expand your business globally.

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Member premium solutions

Patient record

The patient record allows users a complete view of an individual’s status – past and present. This comprehensive impression includes documents, lab orders, vital signs, appointments, and more, and can be accessed from the wider patient profile.

Clinical processes provides complete data sets that are securely kept, correctly assigned and quickly retrievable, allowing clinicians to optimize the time spent caring for their patients.


Through, your organization can check capacity, provide standardized individual medication plans, and ensure that clinicians are more easily able to follow the six rights of health care.


Plan appointments, track follow-up treatment and maintain a single record if an outpatient needs to be admitted – all through

Specialty allows you to add specialty components to your standard system to provide specialists with the dedicated workflows they require to give the best care to their patients.

Service facility

Service facility management in offers extensive support for care units and outpatient clinics, communicating all relevant data to the departments that need it and enabling smooth operations.

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