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Supporting care for COVID-19 patient treatment – how Cerner’s solutions can help you now.

As the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic rapidly spreads further, we are working at high pressure on updating several areas within® that can help you with your treatment of COVID-19 patients. At Cerner, we understand the responsibility we have, to provide the infrastructure and support you need to help combat this global pandemic. As a result, we are updating our solutions and have included guidance and recommendations for operational readiness and treatment of COVID-19 with the availability of five new components.

Please contact us via for any COVID-19 related questions and inquiries.

This workflow app within will allow you to keep track of COVID-19 patients from when they arrive to the emergency department (ED) until they get discharged – and will be delivered following a phased approach.

This PMD will allow you to register the complete COVID-19 data set required to keep track and report on COVID-19 patients.

Together with our partner Elsevier, we provide content and guidance on how to use order sets for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. They support your clinical staff during COVID-19 treatment processes with a summarized diagnostic and therapy proposal aligned to experts’ standard COVID-19.

The IS-H patient contact list presents a case-related list of movements of other cases for both inpatient and outpatient cases, as well as persons assigned, in IS-H and tables.

The solution package Fiori Dashboard COVID-19 is used to analyze and monitor the current state of COVID-19 infections in the hospital. It displays both figures, such as the overall number of infections. patients on ventilators, recovered and deceased patients, as well as trends in the resource situation (intensive care beds). The technical basis is the new user interface technology SAP Fiori / SAPUI5.