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Component 1 – Keeping the overview with our workflow app

This workflow app within® will allow you to keep track of COVID-19 patients from when they arrive to the emergency department (ED) until they get discharged. This workflow app will be delivered following a phased approach.

Gathering information: A COVID-19 pop-up window will appear in the patient list with the most important individual COVID-19-related patient information tracking details gathered at a glance (e.g. test results, isolation, etc). Results are displayed in two columns of your clinical workplace.

COVID-19 pop-up window in patient list within

Putting information together: COVID-19-related data and patient information stored in is processed by generic and highly adaptable rule sets. Results are presented in the Clinical Workspace and alert clinical staff about substantial data that must be reviewed.

Please contact us via for any COVID-19 related questions and inquiries.