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Component 3 – Supporting treatment I Order sets

Together with our partner Elsevier, we provide content and guidance on how to use order sets for the ambulatory- and ICU-specific treatment of COVID-19 patients in®. Order sets will allow you to simplify your workflow in the treatment of COVID-19 patients and help you with an evidence-based approach to your treatment.

Diagnostic: A proposal with direct relation to the available diagnosis (U07.1) or a combination of vital signs and lab values will be available.

Therapy: Get a summarized therapy proposal aligned to experts’ standard COVID-19. This proposal assists clinicians while managing a patient’s condition from treatment through discharge.

Education: Deliver the right message in the right way to the patient, at a time where the patient is most willing to learn. This additional information is crucial for their wellbeing.

Proposed COVID-19 order set with recommended clinical proven guideline

Order set content

  • Pre-prepared picklists of orders for specific diagnoses
  • Guideline- and evidence-based, and always current
  • Brief notes, guidance and references
  • Adapted to the local practice of the hospital
  • Integrated into Cerner

The following order sets are currently available in the Elsevier Order Set Content Management library (available in English and Spanish)

  • COVID-19 Ambulatory
  • COVID-19 Discharge
  • COVID-19 Emergency Department
  • COVID-19 ICU
  • COVID-19 Ward
  • COVID-19 Testing Module

Elsevier created the Novel Coronavirus Information Center that contains expert, curated information for the research and health community.

Please contact us via for any COVID-19 related questions and inquiries.