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Digital transformation with - Cerner expands investments
Travis Dalton | 9/21/2021
We are proud of our position as the global leader in healthcare IT, providing multiple offerings and capabilities across more than 50 countries. To show our commitment, Cerner is making additional investments to the® electronic health record (EHR), as key markets prepare for a decade of further digitalization.
Project Patient Record ‒ Klinikum Esslingen is digitalizing clinical core processes with
Cerner | 4/29/2021
Klinikum Esslingen is taking big steps towards the digitalization of clinical processes. Centered around the® digital patient record, the rollout at Esslingen is scheduled in three phases until 2023, with Cerner providing active support. Model System – our vehicle for change
Cerner | 4/15/2021
Healthcare is too important to stay the same. This is probably relevant now more than ever. The global pandemic – with all the challenges for our industry, our society and our daily lives – has put all the obstacles faced by healthcare IT, like interoperability, into the spotlight and will accelerate the forces of transformation. For®, this transformation will come in the form of our Model System.
Balancing data security and opportunities
Cerner | 1/8/2021
The Medical Facilities of the Upper Palatinate District in Germany (medbo) are not only committed to reducing their staff’s workload, but also to maintaining data protection. The standard at all six of medbo’s locations includes thoroughly digital infrastructures, authentication solutions tailored to the respective requirement and using IT in an innovative manner.
What coffee makers, toast and migraine use cases have in common
Cerner | 10/22/2019
As part of a multi-professional team of organizations, Cerner has been a successful contributor to the Healthcare Hackathon Berlin.
Digitization: Starting the future today
Cerner | 10/7/2019
Evidence-based medicine elevates treatment quality.
Data privacy in the cloud
Cerner | 9/19/2019
The 25th anniversary of® isn’t just a time to reflect, but also a time to look forward at what we want to do in the future.
Information advancement through operative BI
Cerner | 9/9/2019
Real-time information structured in a clearly organized manner with SAP Fiori apps.
Striving towards population health step by step
Cerner | 8/18/2019
Successful projects across Europe demonstrate the benefits associated with Cerner’s HealtheIntent platform.
Using highly qualified staff to the best of their potential
Cerner | 8/18/2019
Cerner’s EHR and Welch Allyn’s measuring devices save time and reduce errors.
Generation Change: 25 years of
Cerner | 8/18/2019
A new chapter in the success story
Managed Services receives certification
Cerner | 3/18/2019
Cerner is the first official Run SAP Partner focusing only on health care.