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Common MS

AT Solution Partner GmbH (ATSP) – Let us move your IT to the next level.

Optimizing your processes can add value, provide clarity and spark enthusiasm and dedication. We are a recognized IT service provider specializing in various industries, and we work hands-on, with our experts on top of the latest developments to understand your needs. Based on SAP, we develop exceptional solutions tailored to your business. Enjoy maximum expertise from start to finish with ATSP.

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Common MS

Common MS

Common MS is the leading provider of SAP IS-H and Cerner®. We have deployed our solutions in 50+ health care organizations and 100+ institutions across 20+ countries in EMEA, LATAM and MENA. We help customers to digitally transform their business, applying innovative technologies that will allow them to drive efficiencies, attract new patients and improve care quality. Our Fiori UX eMed solution provides fully integrated functionality in a more intuitive view.

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Common MS

Compunet SA

mySiss specializes in the development and implementation of ICT solutions for the health care sector in Latin America. mySiss has developed a range of products based on the offerings of world-class health care software vendors such as SAP for Healthcare and by Cerner. mySiss integrates the strengths of those solutions by adding both localization and medical content layers in a pre-packaged environment for ease of use and replicable deployment projects.

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Sierra Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Sierra provides management consulting, outsourcing and technology services. We combine expertise and comprehensive capabilities across industries as we collaborate with clients to help them become high-performance businesses. We offer IS-H and services, and support from our global team of skilled consultants. Our accelerated approach delivers in a shorter time, at a lower cost, and with better quality. Cerner has partnered with Sierra to offer the Cerner Model Experience – the optimal approach to EHR implementation.

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Common MS
Common MS
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