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Digital transformation with - Cerner expands investments

Travis Dalton, Executive Vice President, Chief Client & Services Officer and President, Cerner Government Services


We are proud of our position as the global leader in healthcare IT, providing multiple offerings and capabilities across more than 50 countries. To show our commitment, Cerner is making additional investments to the® electronic health record (EHR), as key markets prepare for a decade of further digitalization.

Our global reach enabled through our and Cerner Millennium® platforms provide a broad and diverse worldwide presence. That diversity of health and care systems, in turn, provides Cerner clients with greater opportunities to share their lessons learned, experiences and best practices between some of the world’s leading healthcare providers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of that shared learning and the value of a fully digitalized healthcare system. Digital capabilities have improved access to care, increased speed and interoperability, allowed for remote data access, and improved efficiencies.

Cerner is committed to helping all our clients solve these challenges and achieve their strategic priorities. enables Cerner to bring the power and insights of our global community of health systems to individual clients, ensuring standardized practices and maximum benefits for their patients, end users, and the organization as a whole. is the only hospital information system that is fully integrated with solutions from SAP. It is a solution designed to support our clients’ clinical strategic priorities. It maps the patient's complete clinical experience, and securely, directly and efficiently advances administrative and business transactions. With proven results around the world, is the platform of choice in 37 countries and is translated into 14 languages to offer a broad spectrum of benefits to over 415,000 users in more than 750 hospitals.

To further increase the potential and reach of, it continues to evolve, with the next development coming in the form of Model System – our recommended approach to help medical facilities transform the way they deliver care. Combining all that’s been learned from our extensive healthcare engagement and expertise, it provides extensive standard content created by clinical professionals, taking into account the best practices of the healthcare organizations around the world that use Cerner solutions. It is further enhanced with the latest innovations from industry, regulatory and technology experts – as well as data analysis – with localized versions being developed for the markets in which is sold.

The Local Model System for Germany will be the first of our own country-specific instances of Model System, designed to contain workflows adapted to local requirements, translations and usability improvements. Germany has been chosen for the initial rollout as it is about to undergo a significant regulatory restructuring with the introduction of Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz (KHZG), or the German Hospital Future Act, alongside the Telematics Infrastructure (TI) that provides the digital backbone for the German healthcare system. Additionally, is already used in six of the top ten hospitals in Germany, demonstrating the importance of the system to the market.

To address the requirements of KHZG and TI, and feedback from our clients, we are making immediate and further investments in our European workforce. Our initial attention focuses on hiring additional talent to deliver the required capabilities in the current platform, expand our successful collaboration with SAP to create sustainable value for our joint clients and to accelerate the growth of our global partner ecosystem.

Cerner sees as essential to driving healthcare transformation worldwide – realizing our vision of a seamless and connected world where everyone thrives. These additional investments are a demonstration of our commitment to clients and will spur a new era of innovation in healthcare and to help connect and achieve better health outcomes for all.

Travis Dalton
Executive Vice President
Chief Client & Services Officer and President
Cerner Government Services