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News Model System – our vehicle for change

Healthcare is too important to stay the same. This is probably relevant now more than ever. The global pandemic – with all the challenges for our industry, our society and our daily lives – has put all the obstacles faced by healthcare IT, like interoperability, into the spotlight and will accelerate the forces of transformation. For®, this transformation will come in the form of our Model System.



The challenge of creating value for clients

There are multiple challenges ahead for our clients. The global population is projected to reach nine billion by 2030 and with this comes the unique task of providing affordable and reliable healthcare to keep the population healthy. With this in mind, healthcare and the general wellbeing of the population is becoming the core focus for most governments across the world, where there is considerable interest and drive to exploit and implement transformative digital technologies in the healthcare space globally. We see digitalization of the healthcare record as the capstone to build the advanced concept of connected and optimized care, personalized medicine, interoperability, advanced analytics, population health management and the internet of things to drive overall wellbeing and health of the population.

Change is coming – and soon

In the near future, hospitals around the globe will be able to simply subscribe to a unique service, which is far more than just getting software from the cloud. The of the future will be a convergent EHR that combines state-of-the-art software with machine learning and artificial intelligence, predefined workflows, clinical content and high-value services to support change and maximize the clinical adoption.

Cerner ongoing optimization graphic Model System is our chosen vehicle to embark on this journey. It’s our process model to define how should be implemented along the core hospital processes. Model System abstracts from the underlying technologies used. So, whether a hospital is running their on the current ECC platform, in a hybrid scenario with first services from the SAP Business Technology Platform, or in a fully cloud environment, Model System is the guide for implementation, optimization, continuous improvements and future innovations.