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Let’s talk about – Travis on tour



For the first time since the start of the pandemic, Travis Dalton – Cerner executive vice president, chief client and services officer, and president of Cerner Government Services – has been able to travel internationally for business, and he has marked the occasion by visiting Cerner sites in the Middle East, Scandinavia and Germany.

One of his new responsibilities for our international business is aiming the focus of our resources increasingly at our international clients – i.e. those outside the U.S. – to better support our users in reaching their strategic goals and being successful.

Recently, we informed you about the additional investment that Cerner has made in®. It was important for Travis to get a feel for the market for himself, getting to know colleagues and client organizations to gain a deeper understanding about the business and the challenges in German-speaking countries.

For him, the intense in-person discussions with the Cerner leadership team and meetings with some of our client organizations at the ‘Let’s talk about’ event in Berlin, Germany, have been truly eye-opening. The open discussions made it clear what challenges are being faced by our clients and ourselves as EHR supplier. However, they also brought to light the opportunity offered by Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz (KHZG, the Hospital Future Act) to drive the digitalization of hospitals, and highlighted who our strong and renowned client organizations are in and Germany and Austria, and how important it is to go the extra mile to accompany and support them in the best way possible on their journey to e-maturity.

Travis Dalton speaking in Germany

We were also able to welcome Dr Henrik Matthies, managing director at the health innovation hub of the German Federal Ministry of Health, as a guest speaker for this event. He gave us a primary insight into the digitalization of the healthcare industry in Germany. His explanations from a different point of view made clear what we already know: all stakeholders profit from digitalization, with the patient at the core. This is what drives us: our clients shall benefit from the use of in their hospitals, therefore allowing them to be able to commit to patient care even more.

Travis Dalton will visit Germany again at the beginning of next year. Not only does he want to ensure that all the topics discussed in Berlin will be driven forward, he wants to show Cerner to be a reliable and competent partner for our clients.