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by Cerner Corporation
Published on February 5, 2018

Pickens County Medical Center (PCMC) has selected Cerner to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) across its acute and ambulatory facilities. PCMC will leverage the Cerner CommunityWorks℠ cloud-based deployment model for Cerner Millennium®, tailored to support the unique needs of community health care organizations.

“Cerner was a unanimous choice of the selection committee after a six-month review of five companies,” said Richard McBryde, CEO, PCMC. “Cerner’s solution for our hospital met all of our needs at 100 percent; ease of use, regulatory support and training before and after go-live, at an affordable cost.”

“We are thrilled to offer our health care IT solutions to support PCMC in its efforts to improve the quality of life in Pickens County,” said Zane Burke, president, Cerner. “Cerner’s integrated EHR will help PCMC physicians continue to provide high-quality health services and engage patients in their care.”

PCMC is a 56-bed community hospital in Carrollton, Alabama, that provides comprehensive, easy-access medical care to Pickens County. It is complete with a primary care clinic and an emergency department with six exam rooms and two trauma suites staffed 24/7 with highly qualified physicians and nurses.

“After touring Cerner’s world-class data center and evaluating the robust technologies and networks supporting the CommunityWorks platform, the choice was obvious,” said Marcus Hudgins, director of Information Systems and Technology, PCMC. “This is the solution that will help PCMC achieve its true mission: serving the needs of our families, friends and neighbors here in Pickens County.”

PCMC will transition to Cerner Millennium, a health care IT platform that provides physicians with a digital record of a patient’s health history, including clinical and financial data. Through the new online patient portal, patients will be able to securely message physicians, schedule appointments, view and settle balances and access their health history.

“PCMC will make great use of Cerner’s solutions in its work to improve the health outcomes of this community and its residents,” said Michael Farrell, vice president, CommunityWorks, Cerner. “As the first Cerner CommunityWorks client in Alabama, we are beyond thrilled to watch PCMC grow and continue to provide high-quality health services to the people of Pickens County.”