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Cerner Health Forum – Seamless Exchange

Richard Francken, Senior Business Developer, Cerner Benelux

17 May 2021


On April 29th and 30th, 2021 we had our first virtual live event “Cerner Health Forum” for our clients, prospects, and partners.

For me, as business developer, responsible for among others Health Information Exchange and Population Health Management, the sessions about our Seamless Exchange solution were the most interesting. The solution is currently in client validation status in the US, and I am looking forward to seeing the solution coming to our international market.

Before I dive into the details why this is important for the international market and especially the Benelux market, I first want to make clear what Cerner's definition of interoperability is:

Interoperability enables data to flow freely so providers can see a comprehensive view of a patients’ health history, no matter where the patient receives care or what technology platform is used, to make quicker, more informed care decisions.

Cerner has been heavily focused on connectivity – connecting different systems to provide clinicians health information to care for their patients. Now, with Seamless Interoperability we deliver beyond connectivity to enhanced usability.

Data exchange is not the issue, the issue is how the data can be part of the clinical workflow, giving the clinicians the right information on the right time so they can make the right decision. Making it simple for the clinicians to take over relevant data in the patient record, without manual transcription is what it is all about.

Seamless exchange is a new solution that allows clinicians in their native EMR workflow to view, reconcile and import data from external records available through interoperability (think of IHE XDS networks, HIE networks and Direct Messaging). With this new solution we will simplify health information exchange by providing a more intuitive and efficient interoperability experience for clinicians that will help enable a more holistic health care experience for each person.

Our vision is that data from outside remains data from outside. Why bother the clinician with information from what platform the data is made available? For the clinician it is important that it is simple in use. In other words, it is all about working with data and not about understanding what interoperability is.

What does it mean for the clinician? The solution will give an intuitive workflow where data is presented to clinicians within their normal workflow, broken out by each clinical concept. That means the right information, on the right time, in the clinical context. It gives the clinician the ability to identify other healthcare providers as their trusted data sources and make the data available directly in the view of the patient record and it gives the support of reconsolidation of patient data.

Cerner takes a big step forward with the new solution and can fill a much-desired functionality with its portfolio within the Benelux market. Programs as TWIIN and “Registratie aan de Bron” are focusing on the reconsolidation and re-use of data.

I am excited to bring this to the Benelux market.

Richard Francken, Senior Business Developer, Cerner Benelux