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Cerner Solution Member Program

Richard Francken, Senior Business Developer, Cerner Benelux

30 September 2021


“Open” and “Interoperable,” two words that are often used in the context of exchanging patient information in the healthcare domain. Used in many different settings, by many different vendors with many different definitions. For Cerner these are not empty words. Our philosophy is focused on making the data available in the right context, within the right time for the right person. “Open” also means that we work with other vendors in healthcare who have solutions that our clients want to integrate with the EHR (ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD). “Open” also means that not everyone can access and write to the systems. Questions like patient consent, the clinical workflow you will support and the quality of the (FHIR) API integrations are key.

This brings me to our Solution Member Medanets. Medanets is a Finnish company who have developed, in their words, "the best mobile app for nursing". In my role as lead business developer, this triggers me. My first contact with the company was during the European HIMSS (Healthcare Information Management Systems Society) in Finland 2019.

Medanets has a user-friendly mobile app for nursing, which helps to improve patient safety, quality of care and experience. Their app gives more time for the most important task, which is caring for the patients.

My drive is to find partners who can deliver, on top of our solutions, added value and functionality for better healthcare. Cerner is an important player in the healthcare eco-system, and together with companies like Medanets healthcare challenges can be solved.

With our Member Program we give companies like Medanets a platform to cooperate closely with Cerner. The Member Program is a long-term relationship that includes education and certification and gives visibility to the clients. Certification is a key element. Open means that organizations can use the FHIR and API to interact with the EHR. For the stability and performance of our EHR, we do a group of validations on the member solution. This is grouped in four validations: security, operational, user experience and functional.

I look forward to see the first success stories. Do you also have a unique solution and want to make this available for the community, then have a look at the member program page or get in contact with us.

- Richard Francken, Senior Business Developer, Cerner Benelux


The Member program opens up the possibilities for growth in different counties, because is one the few global EHR solutions.
- Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO Medanets