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Dutch PEWS -

19 April 2021


Recently an adapted version of the Dutch PEWS (Pediatric Early Warning Score) has been delivered to the hospitals. The Dutch PEWS consists of a core set of vital parameters that should be measured as standard. The vital parameters are work of breathing, respiratory rate, heart rate and capillary refill time. Saturation should be measured additionally in case of abnormal work of breathing, respiratory rate or during oxygen therapy. Blood pressure must be measured additionally with deviations in heart rate or capillary refill time. In this way, additional measurements are only taken in children with indications of changes in vital signs. In doing so, the burden is reduced for both the child and the nurse.

As a result of the findings of some users, we have implemented a change in our Dutch PEWS, whereby the PEWS score is disconnected from the final risk group. As a result, the PEWS score is now also displayed correctly in other parts of the system and can therefore be used universally.