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Introducing Cerner Enviza

Robert Dossin, Consulting Director Europe, Cerner Enviza

19 November 2021


I am very excited that Kantar Health and Cerner research have come together to become Cerner Enviza. I have worked for more then 15 years in the life sciences industries and have experienced several changes in the broader healthcare landscape, but non has such a great prospect as our combined new company.

As a researcher with a natural curiosity and firm belief that we can do better in our healthcare systems, I am thrilled that my specialist health research colleagues and I at Kantar Health have now joined the Health IT company Cerner. As I operate specifically in Europe (and am based in the Netherlands), I am keen to help global as well as local partners on the European mainland.

To me, it’s clear that the life sciences industry needs accelerated decision-making. But this acceleration can only occur when we utilize all our expertise across the (international) health systems and connect data to generate better evidence and deeper insights.

Cerner Enviza aims to be the company that unites the innovation ecosystem by providing complimentary research-services; deep, provider relationships; real-world data and expertise to help transform that data into meaningful insights.

I plan to leverage my life sciences expertise and combine it with Cerner’s broad range of provider networks and unique datasets – including an electronic health record (EHR) data set of 98M US patients that has largely been unavailable to the life sciences industry.

With our Cerner Enviza EHR (Electronic Health Records) Data offer, we now have the ability to link our EHR data with our claims dataset and PROs (Patient Reported Outcomes) to bring remarkable clarity to multi-dimensional data and provide a more complete picture of every patient – generating unique evidence and insights that cannot be found when analyzing these datasets separately. In the coming period, the Cerner Benelux team and I will work hand I hand to demonstrate this as well with our partners!


To learn more about how Cerner Enviza can help you accelerate your decision-making, visit our website or email me at Discover how, together, we can harness the power of everyday healthcare data to help bring remarkable clarity to life sciences’ and healthcare’s most important decisions.

- Robert Dossin, Consulting Director Europe, Cerner Enviza