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Citizen engagement

Citizens are active members of their care teams

We’re all patients at some point, and as we work towards a health and care model that’s focused on keeping us well and out of hospital, we need to turn our attention to engaging everyone to take an active role in improving and maintaining health and wellness. The explosion of self-management apps and personal monitoring devices can help us to create a single source of truth as we look to move from reactive care to proactive, coordinated health.

Boosting patient engagement

Our Patient Portal allows for a two-way conversation between individuals and their care providers. It means that citizens can experience more active participation in their own care, enabling them and their care teams to be aligned, informed and educated on an ongoing basis.

Feel closer with remote monitoring

Technology is everywhere. Nowadays, a care team can prescribe technological devices that offer active, remote monitoring of a person’s health status from the comfort of their home. Using these devices, people are empowered to manage their health at their own convenience. In turn, care providers receive continual, vital information related to the person’s health condition.

Wellness in the workforce

A significant part of a person’s life is spent in work, so managing health in that environment makes perfect sense. We work with more than 150 employers, providing population health management services across on-site health, administration, and health and engagement. Our suite of services is powered by HealtheIntent®, enabling highly coordinated, connected care for the workforce.

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