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Device connectivity

Digitalising your workflows

We enable interoperability between medical devices, healthcare applications and the EHR, regardless of their provider. The CareAware® workflow-driven architecture integrates devices to provide an electronic flow of patient and clinical information for healthcare professionals as the single source of truth. This ensures the right data is presented in the right format in real-time to improve health outcomes.

No more scribbles

Out of necessity, most clinicians will have jotted a patient’s vitals down on a scrap of paper, their hand or the sleeve of their clothing at some point. Medical device integration promotes a safer clinical practice. Bedside devices ensure that vital signs are captured electronically and securely transferred to the EHR in real-time. This allows clinicians to provide the most appropriate care to their patients by having access to the most clinically relevant information in one place.

Secure and interoperable

The CareAware platform is designed to be adaptable to emerging industry standards and allows validated medical devices to connect to the EHR, regardless of supplier. While interoperability is important, data security is our priority. We offer guidelines for access control, patch management, antivirus programs and firewalls to support your organisation in meeting cybersecurity expectations.

Ensuring device suitability

CareAware Validation offers you a layer of assurance – ensuring that the right devices have been validated to support specific workflows. The validation process comprises standards that have been established collaboratively with clients by solution owners, technical and clinical experts. Devices are tested against specific criteria for each solution before they are deemed as validated.

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