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Health Information Exchange

Secure information sharing

Our Health Information Exchange (HIE) is enabling care professionals to exchange and view patient data, whether it’s based on our EHR or another care provider’s system. When the care professional needs it, the Cerner HIE brings together patient data across the health and care system in a secure manner, embedding a single aggregated longitudinal view of the patient natively in each EHR system. This is joined-up, safe and effective healthcare across organisational and system boundaries.

Save time, save lives

When time is of the essence, every moment that you wait for a patient’s information could have life altering repercussions for the individual and their family. The ability to cut out this waiting time won’t just help you respond to the needs of a single patient quicker, you’ll also be able to maintain a continuous flow of patients through your health system.

Get the full picture

By supporting the exchange of data across organisational, geographical and technological boundaries, caregivers can access clinical information from any venue of care. That means that medications, pre-existing conditions, test results, allergies and more can all easily be considered when clinicians are creating health plans for patients, with safer and more timely decisions reached at the point of care.

Transfer data securely

Misappropriation of personal data is a key issue for many, but our HIE has been designed with these concerns in mind. It’s built on a secure, standards-based infrastructure, so that individuals’ data is stored, exchanged and managed in an appropriate way, meaning that people only experience the benefits of information sharing.

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