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At Cerner, our mission is to contribute to the systemic improvement of healthcare delivery and the health of communities. It’s a huge job and we know that we can only achieve this in partnership with our clients and the broader ecosystem at large. There are many innovative companies and solutions in the market that are constantly emerging and being tailored to unique needs – it’s our job to ensure that our platforms are open and interoperable to support these innovations.

Nowhere are open and interoperable platforms more important than in supporting citizens to live an active and healthy life. We believe that the behaviour change and supportive apps of the future will be written by patients, their families or by the voluntary sector where the need and understanding is greatest. Our job is to allow these apps to flourish and be connected to the processes of healthcare.

Everyone at Cerner is committed to harnessing innovation through our support of open and interoperable platforms. Our award-winning solutions and platforms enable the free flow of information access across disparate systems and healthcare entities, improving data exchange and supporting an open collaborative development community shaping the way we make healthcare better.

Offerings you may be interested in

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Witness the benefits of securely sharing patient data across organisational boundaries.

Device connectivity

A secure connection between patient files and medical equipment during the care process.


Cerner will support your organisation’s digital maturity through the discovery, transformation and adoption stages.