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25 years of ishmed

25 years of


Merging the clinical part with administrative tasks®is a solution you can rely on, one that supports your clinical strategy. not only maps the patient's complete clinical experience, it also seamlessly takes you further in your administrative and business transactions – securely, directly, and efficiently. It is an internationally successful product that is locally tailored. offers a broad spectrum of benefits. makes an impact with its easy operation geared to your clinical processes – so that you can give as much time as possible to your patients. If you’re an IT executive, you can take advantage of its high level of adaptability. As a decision-maker, you’re opting for a healthcare IT system that offers investment security for the long term – proven internationally, supported locally, and driven by two strong partners that are synonymous with constant innovation: Cerner and SAP.

Full integration in SAP for Healthcare

Interfaces between the clinical and non-clinical worlds frequently result in inconsistencies, lengthy clarification processes, and even loss of data. Between and SAP Patient Management, the issue has been resolved. Thanks to the full integration with SAP, there are no interfaces – but rather a consistent data world spanning medical care, patient data, billing data, and operational data.

High stability and reliability

Up-to-date, correct, and readily available patient-related information is the key to the smooth operation of a hospital. is a hospital information system that has proven its worth in hundreds of medical facilities around the world. It is based on SAP for Healthcare, which has a longstanding and undisputed reputation for stability, data protection, and data security.

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Cerner will support your organisation’s digital maturity through the discovery, transformation and adoption stages.

Device connectivity

A secure connection between patient files and medical equipment during the care process.

Network security

See how Cerner will keep patient data safe, yet readily accessible for clinicians.