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Population health management

We believe that the best way to manage the health of a population is one person at a time. By turning data into knowledge, people and their care providers can work more efficiently and effectively together, cultivating a mindset of proactive health, rather than reactive care. Cerner’s strategy with clients for population health management is to know your population in order to focus attention, to find and engage citizens to take an active role, and to actively manage each individual to improve their health and wellbeing.

In order to address their future sustainability, care systems – that are currently focused on improving the patient experience of care – need to also focus on improving the health of populations and being a good steward of the per capita cost of care – this is the IHI Triple Aim for healthcare.

Population health management is about taking responsibility for managing the overall health and wellbeing of a defined population and being accountable for the health outcomes of that community. The goal of population health is to improve the quality of care and outcomes whilst managing costs for a defined group of people. Population health should be viewed as part of a wider health and wellbeing strategy that includes wider determinants of health, such as housing, the environment and employment.

Informatics has a fundamental role to play. Cerner is leading the world in its vision and execution through our investments in developing a new population health management platform, called HealtheIntent®. Layered over any existing information systems in a care network, in near real-time it normalises data into single source of truth population records for a patient, and provides the new tools that are required to manage the health and wellbeing of the population. Care gaps, surveillance alerts or actions to drive evidence-based programmes of care are provided directly back into clinicians’ own information systems.

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