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Registries and scorecards

Stratify and manage populations

Establish care programmes for cohorts of your population, proactively identify gaps in care and drive remediation to improve patient outcomes as well as care provider performance with Cerner’s registries and scorecards solution. They enable organisations and accountable care systems to identify, attribute, measure and monitor people and providers at an individual or population level.

The sum of a population’s parts

Treating individual patients may lead to the bigger picture being missed, but not with HealtheRegistries®. As well as providing information about individuals’ health and care records, care professionals can get a bird’s eye view of the population to see where care could be better optimised across the system and if any trends are appearing, whether they’re positive or negative.

A single source of truth

No longer will you have to deal with missing information or data out of context, spend your time mapping data across different sources, or rely on an outdated, rear-view analytics picture. Instead, care professionals can utilise aggregated and normalised evidence that has been collated into a single longitudinal record in near real-time for each person. When filtered through the appropriate algorithms, your health organisation will be able to identify, attribute, measure and monitor both people and care providers.

Evidence for future improvements

Tracking quality measures enables the accountable care system to drive for excellence and remove unwarranted variation in their workflows to meet their specific local population health challenges. Some of these measures along with others like care professional education or patient-reported outcomes can be tracked in scorecards aligned to financial incentives or outcomes-based contracts. Tracking quality and financial control in near real-time with an ability to respond and analyse trends enables you to establish learning systems for agile improvement.

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