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Facility Design Services

  • How does your facility’s design impact patient care and staff efficiency?

    Ideally, your design and technology should work together to provide the best possible environment for patients and providers. FacilityWorks℠ can help put the clinical and technical requirements of your facility at the forefront of construction projects.

    Our facility design services can help you juggle the challenging interests of clinical workflow, advanced health care technology and construction best practices. We leverage our extensive clinical expertise as well as work with leaders from the architecture and engineering industries. Our goal is to ensure your building is ready to adapt to the changing technologies of today and the future.

    Key Benefits of FacilityWorks

    • Supports optimal patient care by applying proven, evidence-based design methodologies
    • Ensures your facility is built for optimal patient outcomes, family comfort and employee efficiency
    • Increases visibility and access to patient data by using best practices for facility and technology design

    Whether you are constructing a new building, redesigning an existing facility or just planning for the future, we can help. By utilizing our design principles, your infrastructure will be able to handle complex device and technology requirements to ensure the right information is delivered at the right time to achieve the best possible health outcome.

    Drawing from three decades of experience as a global leader in health care IT, Cerner is uniquely positioned to bring together the essential elements of a “smart” health care facility and to help you accomplish Institute of Medicine’s Quality Aims as well as ACO initiatives.

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