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An integrated EHR to minimize financial barriers

Simplified fixed technology fee starting at go live for critical access hospitals

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Cerner introduces CommunityWorks Foundations for CAHs

Does your organization feel stuck with an EHR platform or vendor that doesn’t meet your current or future organizational or patient needs?

To reduce financial barriers for critical access hospitals, Cerner has developed CommunityWorks Foundations. The cloud based CommunityWorks Foundations delivery model is specifically structured to meet the financial realities of critical access hospitals like yours and deliver the clinical, financial and operational foundations you need through a rapidly deployed, integrated EHR platform built on one core EHR database.

At Cerner, we understand the complexities of health system budgets, especially for critical access hospitals. That’s why we’re reducing those financial barriers by delaying payments for CommunityWorks Foundations until your organization goes live, including no required up-front capital payment. This eliminates the need for a significant cost at signature and the need to pay for two systems at one time when switching EHR providers. Instead, CommunityWorks Foundations clients have a simplified and affordable fixed technology fee payment schedule that provides predictability in what you’ll pay each month.

And with all CommunityWorks delivery models, solution enhancements and code upgrades are included. This means hospitals don’t have to worry about significant costs keeping them on outdated code or from having the latest enhancements.

The CommunityWorks Foundations delivery model operates off of a projected six-month kickoff to go live. This rapid cloud-based deployment helps ensure our clients are able to start experiencing value from their new system right away.

To achieve this timeline, the CommunityWorks Foundations model incorporates best practices specific to critical access hospitals into our technology build and processes. This standardized approach allows leaders at hospitals to leverage tools and processes that are designed to work for similar hospitals with proven results.

Hospitals moving forward with the new CommunityWorks Foundations delivery model still maintain the key benefits that more than 220 CommunityWorks clients are already experiencing. Benefits that have helped lead to over 70% of new CommunityWorks ​clients beating baseline A/R days by 180 days​ post-implementation.

By scaling our technology, Cerner can provide our robust, integrated suite of solutions and services that help reduce reliance on third parties and are designed to help improve efficiency and satisfaction. With more than $7.8 billion invested in research and development, we are continuously innovating to help ensure our suite of solutions and services remain cutting-edge to deliver the tools to help you meet your organizational and patient needs of today, and tomorrow.

Sign up to watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about CommunityWorks Foundations

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