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IT Training is complex. We can help.

Cerner experts are available to serve as consultants for your organization as you develop a comprehensive learning strategy. Our portfolio of training, coaching and certification resources are designed to meet your organization's ongoing education needs:

  • eCoach for end-user just-in-time support
  • Premier Pass for IT analysts
  • Certifications for IT professionals
  • Data-driven coaching services

Provide more value to your end users

Does your organization have an end-to-end learning approach that supports EHR end users of all roles and comfort levels? Continuous learning is vital to maintaining performance and optimal experience within your Cerner platforms. Building end-user confidence across workflows can’t stop at go-live and content from other vendors may not be the best fit.

At Cerner, we recognize that a contemporary, consistent and comprehensive learning approach is key to helping your users develop comfort with the EHR, drive efficiency in their workflows and spend more time caring for patients. 

To help you evaluate the effectiveness of your organization's learning strategy, we've asked our learning and training experts to describe the five must-have elements of a successful learning strategy.

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Data-driven learning, coaching and adoption

In this webinar, hear from Cerner learning executives as they share the importance of a comprehensive learning strategy and describe the data tools available to meet your organization’s needs. We’ll discuss how to use data to drive your organization’s learning and adoption strategies and review advanced tools and offerings available to enhance education for your end users.

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The foundation of your learning strategy

Cerner Learning Framework is an end-to-end, contemporary learning strategy delivering role-based, best practice learning journeys that are aligned with Model Experience. Content can be accessed through a web-based portal at the convenience of the end-user as often as needed to strengthen confidence and help optimize the experience within the platform.

The content and platform components of the Learning Framework are now available at no cost to our Cerner Millennium® clients for new solution implementations, continuous improvement, new hire onboarding and your overarching learning needs.

Watch the short demonstration below to learn more.

Learn more about Cerner Learning Services

Learning Framework demonstration

Learn the value of a comprehensive learning strategy and the tools available to meet your organization’s education needs.

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Leveraging the Learning Framework to improve the provider experience

Hear how Indiana University Health used the Learning Framework to provide clinicians with training and coaching resources.

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Virtual education solutions

The value of a comprehensive learning approach beyond COVID.

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