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Perspectives on iPad

Download Cerner’s Perspectives for exclusive content from leaders in health care.

The health care industry is constantly evolving as technology is adapted to fit the needs of the patient and their care providers. That’s why we turn to leaders in the industry to share ideas, insights and thoughts on the future of health care.

In each issue of Perspectives, you’ll have access to exclusive features authored by innovators who are transforming the global landscape of health care delivery. Within the pages of Perspectives, you can expect informative, engaging material that will stimulate the conversation around health care and where it’s heading.

Table of Contents

The Future of American Health Care

The Future of American Health Care

Many wonder what health care will look like under the Trump administration. Health care researcher and industry leader Paul Keckley examines 10 key factors that could bring significant changes to that landscape.

HIPPA: A Blueprint for Patient Engagement

HIPAA: A Blueprint for Patient Engagement

Though not its original goal, HIPAA has laid the foundation for patient-centric care. Mosaic Life Care CEO Mark Laney reflects on the intersection of HIPAA regulations, health IT and patient engagement, and what that means for the future of health care.

The Biggest Policy Shifts Impacting Care Delivery

The Biggest Policy Shifts Impacting Care Delivery

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) examines how new policies will shape health care across various segments, including acts that were passed in Obama’s final days in office as well as impending legislation from the new administration.

A New Model of Care in the Wirral Peninsula

A New Model of Care in the Wirral Peninsula

Rising health care costs have challenged England to find a new model of care. One community has come together to create a progressive population health management strategy, offsetting the financial burden of health care and improving quality of life.

Early Success Toward Accountable Care

Early Success Toward Accountable Care

As one of 32 Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations in 2012, Banner Health embraced a monumental challenge: Could they improve the quality of health care while reducing the cost? Five years later, they share their journey and insights.

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What is Perspectives?

Perspectives is a biannual publication of thought-provoking articles from notable voices within the health care industry. The need for idea-sharing across organizations, regions and nations is an essential component to the future success of HIT. In pursuit of this, we’re excited to launch the first of many issues that will stimulate dialogue in support of advancing health care.

Our debut issue explores the topic of health care reform. This is an area that carries ongoing importance for not only health care leaders, but also patients and providers. The viewpoints in this issue will expand on the rising trends and crucial legislation that influence the future of health care.

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