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matthew pickett

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Stories from nurses on the frontlines against COVID-19 in the UK
Multiple Authors | 5/12/2021
In this episode, five Cerner leaders, Matthew Pickett, senior director, marketing and corporate affairs, Colin Fincham, M.D., senior director and chief medical officer, Dan Catt, director and nursing executive, and healthcare executives Patience Chinwadzimba and Tim James, have a conversation about returning to the frontlines as a nurse in the UK during COVID-19.
Finding hope in the UK’s rapid COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Multiple Authors | 2/2/2021
Cerner leaders discuss the role of technology and data in the U.K.’s successful COVID-19 vaccination efforts.
LTT Podcast India COVID
Ep. 202: Understanding India’s low COVID-19 mortality rates | Listen time: 18:52
Multiple Authors | 12/15/2020
In this episode, Cerner global leaders discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the world’s second most populous country.
Ep. 201: One year later: Fighting COVID-19 in Asia | Listen time: 27:22
Multiple Authors | 12/8/2020
In this episode, Cerner global leaders Matthew Pickett and Colin Fincham, M.D., are joined by Jason Tee, M.D., of Cerner Malaysia to discuss Asia's yearlong effort to tackle COVID-19.
Ep. 195: Testing, tracing and treating: COVID-19 in the Middle East | Listen time: 26:31
Multiple Authors | 10/6/2020
In this episode, Cerner global leaders Matthew Pickett and Colin Fincham, MD, are joined by Mohamed AI Rayyes, MD, senior physician executive, Cerner Middle East & Africa.
Ep. 193: Exploring Sweden’s relaxed approach to COVID-19 | Listen time: 27:23
Multiple Authors | 10/1/2020
In this episode, global leaders at Cerner provide insights into Sweden's strategy for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ep. 190: Australia’s COVID-19 lockdowns | Listen time: 21:21
Multiple Authors | 9/23/2020
In this episode, global leaders at Cerner discuss Australia's approach to battling the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ep. 188: COVID-19’s global impact on health care | Listen time: 21:12
Multiple Authors | 9/15/2020
In this episode, Cerner's Matthew Pickett and Dr. Colin Fincham discuss the international impact of COVID-19.
The international response to COVID-19
Matthew Pickett | 9/9/2020
COVID-19 has encouraged us all to be more globally aware — while also focusing on the risks close at hand in our local communities.