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Mike Sicilia and David Feinberg MD talking during the 2022 Oracle Cerner Health Conference keynote
A retrospective on Cerner's transition to Oracle
Oracle Cerner | 12/14/2022
A roundup of some of the biggest moments in Cerner’s transition
person podcast microphone recording
Perspectives podcast staff picks of 2022
Oracle Cerner | 12/14/2022
A roundup of memorable conversations.
2 people talking
3 ways organizations can advance gender-affirming healthcare
Oracle Cerner | 11/21/2022
At Oracle Cerner Health Conference 2022, Danny Gladden, general manager of behavioral health at Oracle Health, welcomed Rogers Behavioral Health leaders Sarah El-Ali, solution strategist for medical staff services, and Jessica Langill, equity, diversity, and inclusion coordinator, to discuss how their organization is changing its technology, processes, and culture to advance patient care for gender minorities.
woman has her blood pressure taken in a clinic
OCHC highlight: Ambulatory enhancements help drive efficiency and collaboration
Oracle Cerner | 10/17/2022
At this year’s Oracle Cerner Health Conference keynote, Nasim Afsar, MD, chief health officer, Oracle Health, highlighted new Cerner Millennium® updates for caregivers in ambulatory settings, beginning with streamlining charting and documentation.
two health care team members look at charts on computers
OCHC highlight: Oracle Cerner Advance dashboard now available
Oracle Cerner | 10/17/2022
At the annual Oracle Cerner Health Conference, Oracle Health General Manager Travis Dalton announced a new dashboard in Cerner Advance that provides health system key metrics around efficiency, productivity, patient experience, and financial health to help identify opportunities for improvement, formulate correction strategies, and track progress.
mother and child speak to a healthcare worker at a clinic desk
OCHC highlight: Reducing the complexity and burden of billing
Oracle Cerner | 10/17/2022
With an initial release due later this year, this clinically driven solution offers scalability to fit the needs of large, complex enterprise clients. It represents the acceleration of our patient accounting platform convergence strategy, as well as the focus of our roadmap on automation and extensibility.
healthcare worker with stethoscope looks at a tablet
OCHC highlight: Virtual models of care address workforce challenges
Oracle Cerner | 10/17/2022
At the 2022 Oracle Cerner Health Conference keynote, Nasim Afsar, MD, chief health officer of Oracle Health, spoke about four health systems currently piloting the new Oracle Cerner virtual models of care.
nurse speaks to a patient in a clinic setting
OCHC highlight: Oracle Health Seamless Exchange, a game changer in interoperability
Oracle Cerner | 10/17/2022
At this year’s Oracle Cerner Health Conference keynote, Oracle Health Chairman David Feinberg, MD, shared that the organization is in the final stages of releasing Seamless Exchange™, a new product designed to allow organizations to identify trusted outside sources and automatically eliminate duplicate information.
two women cut vegetables
Creating culturally inclusive food security programs
Oracle Cerner | 9/30/2022
Members of University Health, a safety net hospital in Kansas City, share how they’ve been working to increase access to resources for one of their most food-insecure communities—immigrants and refugees.
patient with doctor holding tablet
Increasing access to suicide prevention tools and resources
Multiple Authors | 8/26/2022
Due to the implementation of the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) within the Cerner Behavioral Health EHR, over 1 million behavioral health patients are screened every 90 days in an effort to help save lives lost to suicide.
stethoscope rests on top of data charts
How data and tech advancements enabled innovation in the Middle East
Oracle Cerner | 8/22/2022
Experts at Oracle Cerner Middle East and Africa Collaboration Forum 2022 discuss how data and tech advancements at clinic and system levels have enabled healthcare innovation in the region.
3 ways data can help advance equitable, whole-person behavioral healthcare image
3 ways data advances equitable, whole-person behavioral healthcare
Oracle Cerner | 8/16/2022
Leaders discuss the role of behavioral health data in helping organizations deliver effective care, maintain compliance and inform advocacy and policy.
male physician holds tablet
Interoperability – the evolution and direction of shared care
Oracle Cerner | 7/28/2022
At Oracle Cerner European Collaboration Forum 2022, speakers from the UK, Canada, and Qatar consider where we currently are with the long-running challenge of interoperability and what we need to do to in the future to help achieve its key goals.
two women smiling at an outdoor market
Improving health equality and equity through digital innovation
Oracle Cerner | 7/20/2022
In this episode – recorded at Oracle Cerner European Collaboration Forum 2022 – an expert panel in the field of health and care disparities discuss their views on the opportunities to remove systemic barriers to health equality and thereby improve health equity through digital innovation.