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10 insightful COVID-19 blogs and podcasts

Estimated read time: 4 minutes

by Cerner Corporation

Published on 6/1/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted nearly every aspect of daily life, including how we deliver and receive health care. From the rapid rise of telehealth to the inspiring stories of doctors, nurses and others on the front lines, this unprecedented public health crisis has challenged our industry while providing opportunities to reimagine the future of care.

As we continue to navigate COVID-19, these podcast episodes and blog posts offer unique perspectives from the first few months of the pandemic.

1) From a Cerner doctor on the front lines of COVID-19: ‘My world changed overnight.’

Anup D. Salgia, DO, FACEP, Cerner medical director, documents his experience caring for COVID-19 patients in Ohio and the professional and personal impact it brings. (7-minute read)

“Technology is the answer for how we provide better disease surveillance, better patient-consumer engagement and better care delivery. I think technology, and our experiences during this public health crisis, will lead our industry to do more, intelligently.” - Anup D. Salgia, DO, FACEP, Cerner medical director

2) Ep. 173: A personal account from a physician on the front lines of COVID-19

Jeetu Nanda, MD, a Cerner physician executive practicing in St. Louis, Missouri, offers his first-person perspective of what it’s like to provide care during a global health crisis. (Listen time: 16:06)

3) 11 tips for handling a COVID-19 patient surge at your health system

The team at St. Joseph Health in Paterson, New Jersey shares the best practices they’ve implemented to deliver high-quality care while keeping patients and providers safe amid the pandemic. (1-minute read)

4) Ep. 174: Looking out for the health of our workforce heroes

Gerry Stanley, MD, chief medical officer for Cerner's workforce health services team, explains how employers and unions across the globe are taking a fresh approach to their health benefits and well-being programs to support their workforces through this crisis. (Listen time: 8:35)

5) Q&A: How can telehealth help lower risks during a public health crisis?

Virtual care delivered through a desktop device, phone or mobile app can be a helpful tool in controlling infectious diseases. In this blog, Peter Antall, MD, Amwell chief medical officer, shares how telehealth can help combat a public health crisis and what health systems need to know to implement telehealth technology quickly and efficiently. (6-minute read)

“With common goals, new strategies and one of the strongest health care systems in the world, we’ll come out stronger on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, we’ll have learned some new ways to help deliver health care ─ preparing us to better serve our communities in the future.” – Peter Antall, MD, Amwell chief medical officer

6) Ep. 175: Recognizing health care IT heroes on the front lines of COVID-19

In this episode, Cerner Senior Vice President Dick Flanigan discusses how health care IT professionals are helping hospitals and health systems tackle patient surges and other COVID-19 challenges. (Listen time: 25:52)

7) COVID-19 will change health care forever

Colin Fincham, MD, senior director and chief medical officer, Cerner Middle East and Africa, examines how COVID-19 will accelerate breakthrough innovation in health care around the world. (5-minute read)

“As we look back on 2020 from a point in the future, we will recognize that it was a turning point in not only how health care was delivered, but just as importantly, how citizens interacted with the health care systems.” – Colin Fincham, MD, senior director and chief medical officer, Cerner Middle East and Africa

8) Ep. 176: The importance of nursing leadership during a pandemic 

On May 12, we celebrated International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday with a conversation between two nursing leaders, Gina Marone of Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia and Cerner's Constance McLaughlin. (Listen time: 13:05)

9) 6 ways data and analytics can be powerful tools in the COVID-19 fight

In this blog, we explore how hospitals and health systems are using data and analytics to support clinical and operational decision-making during the pandemic. These actionable insights are helping with everything from reducing reporting burden to preparing for recovery. (6-minute read)

10) Ep. 178: How do we help clinicians cope with the mental health struggles of COVID-19?

During Mental Health Awareness Month (May), two Cerner behavioral health experts discussed the emotional toll of COVID-19 on clinicians. Danny Gladden, MBA, MSW, LCSW, and John Rekart, PhD, shared their thoughts on how the health care industry can best support clinician well-being, the role of technology, data and analytics, and the pandemic’s long-term impact on behavioral health care. (Listen time: 28:30)

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