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4 benefits of greater interoperability in health care

Estimated read time: 3 minutes

by Cerner Corporation

Published on 11/30/2020

How do we create a world where providers are empowered to deliver better care, clinician burden and fatigue are lessened and care team communication is simplified?

With useful information at our fingertips, making this a reality will be easier to achieve. A more complete picture of a patient’s health record — along with having the right data, at the right place, at the right time — allows for better-informed health care decisions and, ultimately, better results.

During his Cerner Health Conference keynote, Chairman and CEO Brent Shafer announced Cerner Unite, the portfolio of interoperability solutions designed to work together to enhance care delivery through improved data quality, reconciliation and integrated usability – no matter the health platform.

As Brent articulated, when data can be quickly ingested and contextualized, we can truly transform care. Let’s dive into four of the advantages that greater access to smarter data can bring to care delivery and operations.

1. Reducing clinician burden and fatigue

While regulatory compliance, documentation and administrative functions are important to hospital operations, the burden of these activities takes precious time and attention away from providing care and engaging with patients. It can also lead to the serious issue of clinician burnout. Fortunately, we can leverage health IT to support clinician well-being and return the focus to practicing medicine.

Under the Cerner Unite umbrella, the new Seamless Exchange product presents data to providers within an intuitive workflow. Automatic patient record reconciliation will reduce clinician “data hunting” time ─ restoring an estimated tens of thousands of hours per year to providers.

2. Driving value-based care

As the industry evolves to value-based care, the search continues for the standard in how to implement a system that rewards quality, efficiency and effectiveness over quantity.

For value-based care to be successful, we must quickly and securely assemble fragmented health data, exchange the data across disparate systems, and collaborate across health organizations, physicians and health plans. With the help of the suite of Cerner Unite interoperability and usability tools, providers will be better equipped to do things like manage chronic diseases, control costs and produce the accurate, complete and compliant clinical documentation required for reimbursement.

3. Streamlining communication and coordination for care teams

Health care professionals must be able to clearly, quickly and effectively communicate with each other across networks to ensure patient safety and provide the highest quality of care.

Seamless Exchange helps improve coordination with the extended care team by enabling access to the patient’s longitudinal record. It also supports streamlined data sharing through local and national exchange networks and extends community outreach through lab orders, referrals and scheduling within the local workflow.

The Direct Messaging functionality enables clinicians to share secure notes across the continuum to optimize care on behalf of the patient. In addition, Cerner ePrescribe™ is a beneficial tool to reduce prescription errors and gain patient-specific medication information at the point of care.

4. Empowering providers and patients

Simplified access to health information allows providers to have better awareness of a patient’s journey and enables people to be more active participants in their own care.

The Cerner Unite interoperability functionality offers clinicians the ability to view a single, comprehensive health record for any patient, from any venue of care. Patients can have confidence that their provider always has their full health history at their fingertips.

Connected data ─ and how we use it ─ is the key to moving at the speed of innovation. Easier, expanded data exchange enables clinicians to gain actionable insights quicker and spend more time at the bedside. With the help of a robust suite of interoperability solutions, we can ensure that the right data is available when and where it’s needed.

We’re excited to announce Cerner Unite, our comprehensive suite of interoperability innovations. Seamless Exchange will be available in early 2021 as part of the Cerner Unite portfolio. Learn more here.

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